Critical Cleaning

UltraSonic Parts Cleaning


We clean using Crest Ultra Sonic Cleaner, after cleaning parts are UHV packaged for your cleanroom environment.

CO2 Snow Cleaning


 This solvent-free cleaning process is ideal for preparing parts and components prior to painting or coating, and can effectively clean and polish metal molds used in the production of plastic, rubber or die-cast parts. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is inert, so there are no ozone-depleting solvents, and no potential for oxidizing metal as with aqueous-based cleaning systems 

Cleanroom and Separate Packaging Room


Packaging for Cleanroom use. Assembly Services available.

Ultra High Pure Bakeout

Blue M Laboratory Oven

Cleanroom Packaging

Packing Aids Corp. Vacuum Gas Bag Sealer

 Vacuum sealed with Ultra High Pure Argon

Heat Sealed Poly Bags with Argon Purge for Shipment of Clean Parts